Apr. 15, 2013

35 Weeks

3D Tongue.JPG

Anette and I visited the doctor today and confirmed something that we were concerned about - Ben is currently in a breech position. With all of his tumbling an antics, I was sure he had righted himself in preparation for birth. Nope. All of that kicking, elbowing, punching, and reaching under the ribcage did not net a result of a baby in the correct birth position. 

In two weeks, we will know whether we need to plan for another birth strategy. Until then, we will just enjoy life and move forward to Benjamin's due date. It has been a surreal experience and a very exciting time in our lives. Anette has been a trooper and has impressed me with how exceedingly strong she has been. I keep thinking that I will miss feeling Anette's belly poke me and the hollow thuds of a head turning beneath the skin. Gotta get it while it lasts. 

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