Jan. 20, 2013

22 Weeks

We have every reason to believe that Ben is going to be a very active baby.  Whenever Anetka is sleeping, lying down, or taking a moment to rest, Ben tends to take over the room of the body he's renting.  Anetka will take my hand and let me feel the movements - which are still slight to me, but easily discernible to her.  It is quite exciting and I know that I will be able to share in the joy more as his kicks and turns strengthen.

IMG 2254

Anetka is feeling great this week and getting ready to begin her last semester of undergraduate studies on Tuesday.  We are spending as much time as possible together and are regularly discussing all the possibilities of Benjamin's future.  

We visited the beach today for the first time in months.  The temperature has risen 20 degrees this week, to a much more palatable 75ºF California winter.  The sun was out and warm and we decided to make the best of it while it lasts.  The puppies joined us and we ran around and sat in the warm sand, enjoying the sun.  I did not quite jump into the 57ºF water, but the puppies did not mind it as they charged into the waves.  Today was a beautiful day at the beach and we hope to return soon.

Our next doctor visit is a week from Monday, when we hope to hear continuing good news from Dr. Chu about Ben's progression in the womb.  As we find out new things, we will try to provide updates to all.

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