Nov. 13, 2012

So, you are no longer an "it." We found out this morning that you  will be a John or a Jim or a Harold or a...Benjamin. I called your mom from work and, after both agreeing that we were ready to hear the news, conferenced in her doctor's office over the phone. Your mom told the receptionist that we were told to call this morning to learn about your sex - whether you are a boy or a girl. 


We were ready to wait on hold and talk amongst ourselves for a long period of time as the receptionist asked the nurse, the nurse checked the file cabinet, the files were deciphered, and the message passed along, but the receptionist provided an answer nearly immediately: "He's a boy." 

Clearly not as excited to share in our euphoria of realizing your life as that much more relevant and real, she procedurally uttered the necessary "Congratulations" and hung up the phone, to leave your mom and I to talk alone. The next 20 minutes was full of happy tears and a reassuring family tète-e-tète. Over the past few weeks we had seen your mother's body change, had taken in a black and white screen that displayed an alien form appearing to have a head, legs, and arms.

We had received encouragement from the doctor that "all levels were very healthy and normal." But, it wasn't until this morning that either of us really completely understood that we were actually having a baby. 

You are now an amazing part of our family and we are 6 months from meeting you. Your presence has already made your grandfather cry and your grandmother giddy with unending excitement. Your Aunt Laura is trying to convince us to name you after her and your Aunt Nicole has recommended you be called Pirate Willie the Hatless. We speak regularly to your grandma back in Sweden, and she is ecstatic to see you, along with all of your relatives back in Poland.  Last night we told your great grandparents about you - before we knew you are a boy - and your great grandma has already decided what she wants you to call her: GG. The rest of the family will learn about you a week from Thursday, on Thanksgiving. 

Your mom and I are happy, excited, a little nervous, trying to learn more, satisfying her cravings (although she says eating Chinese food 4 times in a week is not abnormal), and overall just pleased and looking forward to the future of our family.

Just keep doing your job inside that warm place and we will take care of you until we meet for the first time. And please know how much these many people already love you.

© Cox-Karaskiewicz 2013