12 Hours and Counting


Week 40 (D-Day Eve)

So, there are fewer than 12 hours for us as a non-parent, married couple.  Yesterday, my brilliant wife walked down an aisle on the campus at CSU Dominguez Hills, as she received her Bachelor's of Arts diploma in Psychology.  Tomorrow, she gives birth to our son, Benjamin.  What a week!  What a woman!  

I want to thank everyone in our families and all of our friends that have helped us along this path.  All of your love, advice, gifts, and support have helped us get this far and we are extremely appreciative for all of this support.  We probably could have done this alone, but the effort would have been much greater on our parts and we would probably be even more tired than we are this evening.  Thank you. 

We are very excited and a little bit nervous about this event that will be occurring tomorrow morning (and will likely change our lives a little bit).  Anetka and I are pretty sure that we will be great parents, but there is a certain sense of the unknown that is keeping us wondering about the future at this short time before our first child is born.  (I suppose the questioning of the abilities is a good thing that allows us to grow and continue to wise up throughout our lives.)  

I just wanted to make sure that all of you know how much you are appreciated and loved by me and Anetka (and pretty darn soon…Ben).  The next time we see all of you, we will be a family of one more and - from what I hear - a bit more exhausted.  We love you all; please send great thoughts our way tomorrow morning.  

© Cox-Karaskiewicz 2013