June 4, 2013

Two weeks old

Oh, Benjamin. You seem to be learning more all of the time, as your eyes take in the ceiling, walls, our happy stares and your arms reach for the sky. Those deep blue eyes seem to yearn greatly for understanding that everyone around you is working to provide. You only need to keep reaching, questioning, and trusting in us as you grow. We will be there for you.  


See how strong Ben is? He is officially heavier than he was at birth and eats enough to double his weight in months. Benjamin's initial doctor appointment went well and he has already been cleared for “belly time” – several supervised minutes each day spent lying on his stomach and building his arm, leg, and neck muscles. 

Benjamin is doing well and making us all proud. We know that he will keep learning and growing. We are so excited to watch him closely and see our little man grow. 

© Cox-Karaskiewicz 2013