Sep. 9, 2013

Three and a half months old

IMG 4495

Over the weekend, I went away on a business trip to San Francisco. It's worth mentioning that the trip also revolved around the first day of the America's Cup finals - racing that is now done by catamarans on hydrofoils that only need two small points in the water at times. The business went well and the races were amazing - even though the American team (Oracle) is down to the Kiwi team (Emirates) by a score of 3-1 - but I still enjoyed the present I received when I returned to southern CA more than anything else. 

As Anette was working Saturday night and I was out of town, my parents happily took care of Benjamin overnight. When I returned Sunday afternoon, I drove to their house to pick my little boy up and take him home. When I arrived at his grandparents' house, my mom was holding Ben outside, waiting for me. As I walked up to them, he initially regarded me with a quizzical look, quickly replaced by a sense of knowing, a small smile that grew large as I spoke and drew nearer, and ultimately his baby face buried in his hands as he does when he gets excited. I knew I was welcomed home. 

Benjamin slept soundly in his car seat the entire ride home and greeted his mother with an even larger smile as he woke in my arms to her voice and sweet kisses. He proceeded to coo and babble about his sleepover with his grandparents (I imagine, at least) as we listened intently and prodded him to tell us more. The family was whole once more.

I will have to make short business trips away from home sometimes, but am thankful for the love and support that we get from our family to make that possible. It also makes it easier to be away when I know that I have that brilliant initial smile of recognition when I come home to the little boy who lights up my life.

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