Sep. 25, 2013

4 months old

IMG 4594

Benjamin has learned how to roll over, onto his stomach - closer to the inevitable crawling that will graduate him to a mobile toddler. It seems like each week he is working on a new activity to add to his list of already-impressive credentials. 

Ben is also starting to grab things - glasses half-full of water, books - with enough raw strength that his hands need particularly attentive eyes on them at all times. (Luckily, nothing has shattered onto the floor yet.) he has the perfect hook-grab from above that he has essentially perfected. Hand-eye coordination is surely coming along.

The kitchen is turning into a dangerous place now, with all the grabbing, not to mention two very active legs. The other day when I was putting something in the microwave and holding Benjamin, he kicked the oven knob. After kicking it, he became interested in it and kept trying to see what he could make happen. I've since kept him away from there, as his eyes are drawn to those dials and his feet begin to get happy. 

We love this little boy so much and enjoy all the new little things he shows us. Can't wait to see what is next in store.

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