Oct. 26, 2013

Five months old

IMG 5300

Benjamin loves water fountains! We went to Fashion Island today and took in all five of them and the koi pond. He enjoyed all of them, but loved the one which spouts from the outside to the inside of a circle the most. It was all I could do to keep him from throwing himself into the wet shallow pools. 

Benjamin was sitting up (leaning forward) in his stroller as we jaunted from one water spout to the next. He is becoming more keen to his environment all of the time and took breaks from being mesmerized by the pulsing liquid to watch other children around him and notice their reactions to the fountains. 

Even at home, this kid shows his growing love for water. If Anetka or I wash our hands while holding him, Ben gives a concerted effort to get at least one of his tiny hands underneath the flowing water. If he is near the sink and the water is not running, he will still reach out to the faucet, in an effort to get the clear wonder flowing. 

Just too much fun to be around this little guy!

© Cox-Karaskiewicz 2013