November 2013

Six months old


So begins Benjamin’s interest in basketball.  This month we began a streak that will keep him from all but one of LB State men’s basketball home games this season.  

He loves the game!  Whether with me and Mama, Grandpa, or any other friends, Benjamin gets a huge kick out of watching guys dribble, pass, and shoot a ball in an organized fashion.  The band, the cheerleaders, and the excitement of the crowd helps to keep him interested, but I swear he is also purely interested in the game.  

Having turned another year older this month and celebrated Thanksgiving in the same week, I realize that I am truly thankful for my life.  My son and wife have made me so happy and I still cannot fully believe I am a father.  

This little guy continues to amaze me and make me smile in more ways than I ever imagined and I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow.

© Cox-Karaskiewicz 2013